July 20

Interview at Holland Elementary School

Podcast Interview Coming Soon

In May, Chadd Smith and I travelled to Holland Elementary to conduct the next Podcast Interview, and as soon as that is transcribed, the link will be posted here, and on the ICAM and PATINS web sites. We had a great time with the three we interviewed:

Julie Bryant is a VI Teacher for seven schools  and a DRM for nine school corporations  in the Southwestern part of Indiana. 

Mara Jochem is the Instructional Assistant for our featured student, at Holland Elementary.

Drew Meece was in second grade at the time of this interview,  and he has been Blind since birth. In our interview you will see that this has never been a disability for Drew, it’s just the way it is. It does not prevent him from very much if anything that he wants to do.

Wait until you hear him describe his academic accomplishments and outside interests; in many ways he is a typical 8 year old boy, in other ways he is wise beyond his years.

Currently the ICAM is running a series of interviews with VI teachers, but as you will see, in this case Drew was the star of the show; Ms. Julie and Ms. Jochem played supporting roles. Which really is apropos because these are their roles in the classroom–to support Drew as he progresses through this part of his education.

I would say the three of  them have already enjoyed success in this endeavor, and the road ahead for Drew is long and wide open!

Learning Ally Registration

I am going to repeat this because it continues to come up: 

If you will be ordering audio books from Learning Ally, there are two things that must be in place before you will experience success.

1) You must be registered with Learning Ally. The credentials you used last year and before are no longer valid. You need to contact the ICAM and we will assign your new credentials, and provide instructions.

2) To download and unlock the files, you will need to have installed the new Learning Ally Download Manager:

Link to installer: www.icam.k12.in.us/images/stories/Downloads/RFBDDownloadManager.exe

 Instructions: http://www.learningally.org/Training-Support/PC-Download-Support/Downloadable-DAISY-Support/Downloading-Downloadable-DAISY-Books/117/

These links are also on our web site, Tools and Downloads, Learning Ally.

Audio-Supported Reading

The National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials has posted an informative piece on audio-supported reading for students who are Blind or VI. If you are serving students in this population, and if you have seen the limitations placed on them because they use Braille or Large Print exclusively, you will gain a new perspective after reading this imporatant article. And if you serve those with other types of print disabilities, such as LD, you also will find this beneficial.  Enjoy the article.


 By now it should be no secret that through the ICAM, every K-12 student in every Indiana Public Schools can have access to Read: OutLoud by Don Johnston, Inc. For this you need a registerd DRM to perform a simple download, and perhaps some tech assistance to download it to every pc in the school. Everyone of us at PATINS/ICAM strongly encourage you to get this going in your school! That audio support offers another layer of independence and enhanced learning for all students, with or without disabilities. Remember, it’s Free!

Installation guide:


Don Johnston, Inc. Web Site



Nov. 8-9: Save The Date:  PATINS 2012 State Conference! 

ASAP: Still a little time to get your proposal in to present at the PATINS State Conference Nov. 8-9.  Contact me with questions: Daniel McNulty, PATINS State Director dmcnulty@ciesc.k12.in.us



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